Dream Pouches

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Discover the Ancient Practice of Herbal Dream Therapy


The use of dream pouches or dream pillows is ancient and worldwide. The healing power of aroma was safer and more resourceful than ingestion. For example, chamomile underneath one's pillow could induce the same calm sleep that the herb, steeped into a tea, would, but can last for up to two months.

On the pages of my site, you will learn the uses of different herbs to achieve particular dreams. I also have information on the wonderful phenoma of sleep, dre

The herbal recipes I've made are for various results people look for in their dreams. These properties have been discovered by various cultures around the world. Herbal practitioners have used wormwood and mugwort to induce astral dream travel and lucid dreaming. More information can be found on the page 'ingredients and effects.'

If you want a homemade pouch, you can purchase them from me via PayPal below. You can purchase these items without a paypal account. For the Special Request one I would need an email from you indicating your spesific need. Email- [email protected]
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